• 1980ERDÉRT Co.

    After having finished the technical school for forestry and timber industry I started to work as a quantiy/quality - surveyor at Co. Erdért, following this I spent several years at Für-Lem-Ho. RT.
  • 1984Technoinpex-Orient Trade Ltd.

    From 1984 to 1992 I was responsible for the import, quantity/quality-control and sale of exotawood, such as Keruing, Apitong, Mersawa, asian Mahagony, Meranti and Wenge coming from the Far East at Technoinpex-Orient Trade Ltd. Our import was 3.500 m3.
  • 1992Private entrepreneur

    In the following two years I exported as a private entrepreneur hard, sawn leafwood to Austria and Germany.
  • 1994ZOL-GÉM Ltd.

    I founded my present company in 1994 as a classic family undertaking together with my wife and son. Between 1998 and 2001 we delivered 2.500 m+ kiln dried, steamed beech-wood to China and Taiwan.

    ZOL-GÉM Ltd. has a 4.000m2 site in Székesfehérvár with 500 m2 covered store and 4 Hildebrand kilns, 40 m3 each. Our range: retail and wholesale of kiln dried, unedge hard, sawn leafwood.